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SAR Technology’s powerful ‘Incident Commander Pro’ software manages all types of emergency-response incidIncidentCommander_SplashScreen3ents, including major air, marine and ground response missions. ‘Incident Commander Pro’ includes all of the tools required to effectively manage, deploy, track and monitor resources as they respond to incidents. ‘Incident Commander Pro’ also includes an extensive set of specialized tools that ensure the fastest and most efficient response is always deployed to the mission.

– Products –

‘Incident Commander Pro’
‘The premier software for all types of emergency-response incidents: Land, Sea and Air missions.

‘Track Commander’
Professional-Grade – Messaging – Navigation – Tracking Android app. Tracks field resources during SAR missions.

‘Global Earth Tools’
Delivers Planning, Tracking Messaging & Tactical Displays in Google Earth.

‘Digital Maps’
A world-wide collection of high quality digital maps for all mission types.

– Services –

Global Mission Response
Real-Time Response to all types of missions. Rapid On-Scene or Remote mission response.

Ground SAR
Advanced, Terrain-Optimized, Planning and Response for Ground SAR incidents.

Marine SAR
Maritime Planning and Response for Coastal and Maritime regions.

Aviation SAR
Mission planning for all types of aviation incidents.

Aircraft Crash Location
Predicts the location of an aircraft that has disappeared in flight.

Aircraft Debris Location
Predicts the location of debris from an aircraft that has broken up in flight.

Mission Support
Advanced mission support for challenging missions.

Mission Optimization
Deploy assets in the fastest and most effective manner.

Threat Response and Protection for natural and and man-made incidents.

Risk Management
Assess and mitigate the risk to people, missions and infrastructure.

Software and Mission Response Training.

Consultation and Forensic Services for all types of missions.