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Incident Commander Pro - V8

Airport Emergency Response Plan


‘Incident Commander Pro’
Mission Pre-Plans

  Airport Emergency Response Plan – Features:

A comprehensive collection of emergency response pre-plans for a wide range of airport incidents.

Aircraft Incidents:
Aircraft Hijacking.
– Aircraft Sabotage.
– Aircraft Incident.
– Aircraft Accident.

Bomb Threats & Civil Disturbance:

Bomb Threats.
Suspicious bags or articles.
– Hostile Crowds Control.
– Friendly crowds control.

Fire Response:

Aircraft Fire.
– Building Structural Fire
– Fuel Spills.
– HAZMAT Response.

Power & Utility Loss:

Utility Failure.
– Loss of Movement Area Lighting.

Medical Incidents:

Mass Casualty Incidents.
– Contagious Diseases.

Missing Aircraft:

Missing Aircaft Response Plan.
Aircraft Crash Location.
Aircraft Debris Location.

An ‘Incident Commander Pro’ Mission Pre-Plan

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