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  Image-Recognition Flight Plans


Aerial searching for target objects requires careful planning and precise flying.

Aerial searching with digital cameras permits advanced image recognition to subsequently process, analyze and identify the target object.

To perform a successful Image-Recognition Flight both the aircraft and camera’s parameters must be precisely matched to ensure the highest probability of locating, imaging and then detecting the target object.

To meet these challenging requirements SAR Technology’s Image-Recognition Flight Plan Service provides a detailed Flight Plan with the specific parameters for both the aircraft and it’s camera’s – to ensure that the most accurate and successful search flight is performed.

SAR Technology’s Image-Recognition Service may then be used to process the flight’s images to help identify the target object from within the image collection.


    Aircraft Flight Plans:

– Designed for Aircraft Altitudes.
– Designed for Aircraft Speeds.
– Designed for Aircraft Range.
– Designed for Aircraft Endurance.

    Drone Flight Plans:

– Designed for Drone Altitudes.
– Designed for Drone Speeds.
– Designed for Drone Range.
– Designed for Drone Endurance.

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