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Advanced Search Patterns
for Land, Sea
& Air Missions

  Fully compatible with ‘Incident Commander Pro

Parallel Track Search

– Parallel Track Search Pattern.
Used to search large, relatively level, open areas.
– Creeping Line Ahead Pattern.
 Used to search along the drifting direction of the target.
– Baseline Grid-Search Pattern.
Used to grid-search away from a physical baseline.


Expanding Square Search Pattern

Used when the target location is generally known.
Expands outwards in concentric squares.
– Requires accurate navigation.
– Use a floating datum marker over water.


Sector Search Pattern

– Used when the target location is known and the search area is relatively small.
– Simple to search with accurate navigation equipment.
– Has a high Probability of Detection near the center.
– Use a floating datum marker over water.


Point to Point Search Pattern

– Custom Waypoint-to-Waypoint Search Patterns
– Follow Flight-Path Track-Lines.
– Follow Departure to Destination routes.
– Follow Coastlines, Rivers, Roads and Shipping Lanes.
– Follow Backroads, Trails, Valleys and Natural Features


Program Features

– Exports Search Patterns to ‘Incident Commander Pro’.
– Select search pattern colour, symbol and size.
– Exports GPX files for GPS devices.
– Exports KML files for Google Earth.

– Calculates Search Time and Search Area Size.
– Calculates Coverage & Probability of Detection.
– Detailed, editable search pattern Comments.