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Survivor Rescue

Incident Commander Pro - V8


for Land – Sea – Air

SOS in SnowSAR Tedchnology - Land  Land Survival:
Extensive subject survivability and detectability data for the land environment.
Includes Multiple Subject Types and the effect of  good and bad weather on the subject’s survivability and detectability. 

survivorsinwater_200x130SSAR Technology - Seaea Survival:
survivability and detectability data for the maritime and inland-water environment.
Advanced information on Immersion Survival Times, Cold Water Immersion and Drowning.

Provides detailed information on the survivor response to cold water shock.
Recommended search duration for subject’s immersed in water over a range of temperatures.

  Air Survival: SAR Technology - Air
Aircraft crash survivability data for a wide range of aviation scenarios.
Includes survival data for Commercial and General Aviation, Aircraft Type and Phase of Flight.
Survival and detection information for different types of aircraft, distance along the flight path and the phase of the flight.