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Geotag – Comment – Map
Images, Videos  & Maps

  Fully compatible with ‘Incident Commander Pro‘  
Fully compatible with ‘Image Recognition


    Goetag Images:
– Automatically geotag location-enabled images.
– Easy geotag by dragging images to map location.
– Add comments and coordinate display to images.
– Resize the image for convenient on-map display.
– Submit images for ‘Image Recognition‘.


Grab Images:
– View video files for target images.
– Precise video stepping for image review.
– Extract target images from video file.
– Geotag extracted images from video file.
– Submit videos for ‘Image Recognition‘.



– Map Images
– Select map location for image.
– Adjust size of displayed image.
– Display or hide image.
– Display or hide comments and coordinates.


– Map Evidence
– Create detailed evidence maps.
– Add geo-tagged evidence images.
– Display filename and evidence coordinates
– Annotate images with evidence comments.


– Map Insert
– Add local map images.
– Easily set map location.
– Easily set map scale.
– Display or hide over base-map.