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Image Recognition Service
for Search, Rescue & Emergency Response

  Search your mission images for
  People, Aircraft, Helicopters, Vessels & General images

  Submit your mission images for Image Recognition

    Image Recognition Service:


SAR Technology’s advanced Image Recognition Service permits target images, e.g. Missing Persons, Aircraft, Helicopters and Vessels, to be digitally searched for within the collection of images taken during a SAR mission.
Other types of images may also be identified, using the General search library.
The submitted collection of mission images or videos is rapidly analyzed using artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify potential target objects within the image collection.
Speed and high accuracy are obtained by the unique SAR search algorithm developed specifically for this service.
Image collections taken by drones, aircraft, GoPro-type action cameras, digital cameras, cellphones etc. may all be analyzed by the Image Recognition Service.


– Still images are typically submitted as jpg, png, or gif files.
(also including jpe, jpeg, bmp, ico, svg, svgz, tif, tiff, ai, drw, pct, psp, xcf, psd, raw).  File Details
– Video images are typically submitted as mp4, avi or mov files.
(also including, mpeg, mpg, divx, flv, mv4, mkv, ogm, ogv, ogx, rm, rmvb, smil, webm, Wmv, xvid).  File Details
– A list of weblink URL’s for each image or video may also be submitted.

Send these images and weblinks to SAR Technology Inc. – Contact

Location Geotag:

The mission images should be taken, if possible, with Location enabled, to add the Latitude-Longitude geotag to each image.
If possible confirm that the location property has been added before taking the full collection of images.
SAR Technology’s ‘Image Commander‘ software can also be used to geotag submitted images.


Target Image:

Wherever possible images of, or similar to, the target image being sought should also be submitted.
This will help to fine-tune the image recognition service to the specific mission target.

Any mission images matching the expected target will be reported, along with their Lat-Long location (where available) and image recognition score.

    Crashed Aircraft Recognition:

– Extensive library of crashed aircraft images.
– Includes commercial, military and light aircraft.
– Located in a wide variety of terrains.

    Crashed Helicopter Recognition:

– Extensive library of crashed helicopter images.
– Includes commercial and military helicopters.
– Located in a wide variety of terrains.

    Missing Vessel Recognition:

– Extensive library of vessels and watercraft.
– Engaged in commercial and recreational activities.
– Located in a wide variety of marine environments.

    Missing Persons Recognition:

– Extensive library of people images.
– Engaged in outdoor activities.
– Located in a wide variety of terrains.

    General Image Recognition:

– Comprehensive general image library.
– Extensive collection of image types.
– High quality image collections.